Effective as of 2020-04-26

None of my original tracks are under public domain or a Creative Commons licence. This generally means that you require a permission to use them in any context.


The following information only concerns use on YouTube. Please contact me for any other use.

Most of my catalogue is under YouTube's ContentID system. Effectively, this means that if YouTube's algorithms detect my music on your content, advertisements will be put on the content in question with revenue going to me. A ContentID claim is NOT a copyright strike, and your account's standing will not be affected. This helps me track and benefit from the use of my work.

If you are fine with having advertisements placed on your content, most of this page does not concern you. However, please credit me in each video's description and DO NOT:

  • Present yourself as a copyright holder, or as the creator of the music
  • Use the music in a way or in a context that is defamatory or demeaning
  • Remix or rap on the music

Currently, my music's ContentID is administered differently depending on release date. Please refer to my Bandcamp page for information on the exact release date of the track you wish to use. Thank you for your patience - I realize this is a bit complicated.

Tracks released before October 25, 2019 and after May 28, 2020

If you'd like to have your content ad-free, contact me beforehand and we can work things out on a per-video basis. You should still follow the general guidelines for acceptable content as written above.

If you have received permission from me before 2018-12-14 and receive ContentID claims on your videos containing my music, send me the URLs of any affected videos and I will clear the claims as soon as possible!

Tracks released between October 25, 2019 and May 28, 2020

  • Outside
  • Designer's Appointment

Please contact me directly for permission & more information. Status subject to change.