Effective as of 2019-02-18. Permissions granted before the effective date continue on their specific terms.

None of my original tracks are under public domain or a Creative Commons licence. This generally means that you require a permission to use them in any context.


The following information only concerns use on YouTube. Please contact me for any other use.
If you have received permission from me before 2018-12-14 and receive ContentID claims on your videos containing my music, send me the URLs of any affected videos and I will clear the claims as soon as possible!

If you'd like to have your content ad-free, contact me beforehand and we can work things out on a per-video basis.

Most of my catalogue is under YouTube's ContentID system. Effectively, this means that if YouTube's algorithms detect my music on your content, advertisements will be put on the content in question with revenue going to me. A ContentID claim is NOT a copyright strike, and your account standing will not be affected. This helps me track and benefit from the use of my work. You should still provide links to the tracks used in the description of the video.