About me!


I’m Otso, a 23-year-old Finnish university student who composes & produces electronic music in his bedroom under the artist name Ozoh. I also create digital art, mainly for my own use.

Ways you can show your support:

  • Share my music with people who you think would enjoy it!
  • Buy my music on my Bandcamp page - they provide DRM-free downloads for you and 80-85% of the amount goes directly to me!
  • If you can’t or don’t want to do that, use streaming services such as Apple Music or Spotify. I don't monetize my SoundCloud streams because I want there to be an ad-free option for those who can't access other platforms. So if you can’t use Spotify or equivalents, it’s okay! Just listen and enjoy!
  • Send me an email or a message on any platform even if you only want to say hi!
  • Don’t steal my music or use it without permission ):
  • If you notice someone using my music without attribution (such as a credit in a Youtube video’s description), please inform me via any platform!
  • Hire me for your projects! Get in touch and we can talk (: